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Electro Hip-Hop Pop rap

Mallrat is the Hannah Montana of the rap game.

Mallrat shot to attention as a 16 year old with her incredible indie hip hop/electronica/pop-rap hybrid track Suicide Blonde gathering praise from the good folks at triple j and FBi (Artist of the Week), international tastemakers HillyDilly, Pigeons and Planes, Pilerats, and many others. Next up for Mallrat was “Sunglasses”, with just the right combination of tropical electro sounds, darkly skewed rapping and an incredible summertime chorus. And then at 17, Mallrat dropped her debut EP Uninvited and new jams “Inside Voices”, “Uninvited” and “Tokyo Drift” landed up the top of HypeM, while setting new benchmarks in combining surgical insight, somehow blissful melancholy, and indie pop sensibilities. It’s a unique slice of modern nostalgia, with a lyrical maturity way, way beyond her years. Mallrat delivers bittersweet records layered with danceable, relatable disconsolation.

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    6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
    O’Donnell Gardens Stage
Curry King Returns