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Jazz Party

Alternative R&B Soul

Well-dressed beatkniks and jazzbos with a passion for RnB and soul music, Jazz Party, perform their original RnB, pop and New Orleans inspired tunes with raw energy and fierce conviction. Darcy McNulty’s wailing saxophone leads the horns section and the silver-tongued backing vocals of the ‘Handsome Golden Boys’ form the perfect backdrop to the almighty roar of lead lady and soul diva Loretta Miller. Jazz Party have spent the last few years perfecting their craft, playing countless live shows including Golden Plains, Wave Rock and most recently playing to a packed out Croxton with their ‘rat pack’ of Melbourne’s finest jazz musicians, making a name for themselves as one of Australia’s must-see live acts. Experiencing a performance a by this Melbourne sensation will not disappoint.

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    5:45 pm - 6:30 pm
    Alfred Square Stage
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